Miss World Rose
International Competition!

Miss World Rose 2014-15 results:

Miss World Rose






Tenille Choi

Ms. U.S. Rose
DeDe Howard

Jr. Miss U.S. Rose
Tommi-Rae Smith

MWR prizes
(Photo of past awards, this year's designs may vary)

Miss World Rose
Have you ever imagined having a national or international title?
Now you can make your dreams come true!

Miss American Rose Pageants proudly presents our 15th annual international competition.
Local and national titles will be awarded for every country with one lucky lady winning our world title!

100% online/mail-in competition! Enter from anywhere in the world! No need to travel. 
Win a world title without leaving home!

2015 info to come

There are no preliminary competitions necessary.
Just send in your entry and you are automatically entered into competition for your
country's title as well as the world title. All for one low entry fee!
( Links to applications are below)

All ages are eligible!
There are four age divisions for girls and women. 
That's 4 national titles for each country!
The only girls or women not eligible for this competition are the current Miss American Rose National Queens. Miss U.S.A. Rose National Queens are not eligible for the same title two years in a row.


Ages 0-6 Tiny Miss Queen
Ages 7-13 Jr. Miss Queen
Ages 14-24 Miss Queen
Age 25& up Ms. Queen

You will be judged in the division based on your age
We do not expect as much from a 7-year-old contestant as a 16-year-old.
Everyone has an equal chance of winning!
Titles for every country (including U.S.) is possible.
You may compete for the title of any country in which you live or are a citizen of (your 1st choice country).

Here's an extra chance to win -
If you are 25% or more of a certain nationality, you may choose that country for a second choice on your application. For instance, if you are a U.S. citizen and reside in the U.S., but you are 25% of French decent, on your application the U.S.A. would be your first choice country, then you could choose France as a second choice country. If you do not win the U.S. national title, you will be eligible to compete for the French title. 

60% of your score will be based on responses to the written interview questions for ages 7 & up. Ages 0-6 will be judged on an essay written about the contestant by an adult.
40% is based on the one area of competition you choose!
Choose from Talent, Lifetime Accomplishments, or Photogenics.
You only need to compete in your strongest area. 
The highest overall scorer will be named Miss World Rose.
The highest scorer in each age division for each country will be named a national queen. Local titles will be awarded to the remaining contestants.
If you are not sure which optional competition you would score highest in, 
you may enter more than one optional competition (additional $10), 
but only your highest scoring optional will go towards your final score.

Every contestant will receive a prize box!
Every contestant will be awarded a minimum of 
a local title, a rhinestone tiara, banner, and certificate.

2014 Local titleholder tiara

National winners (every age division, every country) will receive a larger tiara, beautiful embroidered banner, & certificate. If there are more than 3 contestants in the competition, the winner will be awarded a larger tiara and a cash prize!

2014 National titleholder (larger )      2014 National titleholder (smaller)

Miss World Rose International Queen Crown

Miss World Rose will also recieve:
Gown for appearances
Crown case
Embroidered banner
Engraved plaque
Rhinestone Scepter with velvet carrying bag
and official certificate!

Entry fee is still only $60! (US funds) This enters you into your
country's competition (example: Miss Canadian Rose, Ms. Australian Rose)
as well as the Miss World Rose competition.
For an additional $15 you may enter for a second country
For $10 you may enter a second optional competition.
For delivery of prizes outside the U.S.A. there will be a $15 shipping surcharge.

Remember: Everyone will win a local, national, or international title with the appropriate prize package!

Fees may be mailed in with your entry or sent via PayPal to account miss@americanrose.com

If you have any questions, please contact us at miss@americanrose.com

Miss World Rose Competitions
Miss World Rose - for girls and women of all agesMiss World Rose - for girls and women of all ages
Miss World Rose - for girls and women of all agesMiss World Rose - for girls and women of all ages

2013 Miss World Rose Royalty

Miss World Rose
Rachel Kraemer

U.S. Royalty

Ms. US Rose - Drew Crow-Bray

Miss US Rose - Lori Alley

Jr. Miss US Rose - Morgan Young

Other National Royalty

Canada - Aleria McKay

United Kingdom - Ariel Talen-Keller

Indonesia - Gabriella Suluh

Amanda White


Miss World Rose
Hall of Fame

Miss World Rose 2000-01
J. Dawn Smith
Miss World Rose 2001-02
Yvonne Laundres
Miss World Rose 2002-03
Rebecca Crosen
Miss World Rose 2003-04
Alyssa Bragg
Miss World Rose 2004-05
Nicole Weinrich
Miss World Rose 2005-06
Jessica Ekstrum
Miss World Rose 2006-07
Typhani Russo
Miss World Rose 2007-08
Jennifer Holes
Miss World Rose 2008-09
Vanessa Muff

Miss World Rose 2010 - 2011
Miss World Rose 2011-12
Julia Jean Brown
Miss World Rose 2012-13
Savannah Bass
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